For eligible employees, the Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Program provides a limited income replacement if you become sick or disabled and are unable to perform the duties of your job. Onondaga County has chosen the Hartford to provide you with your Long Term disability insurance.

An elimination period applies to this policy.  The elimination period  is the time you must be disabled before you can collect a benefit and varies by Union. During the open enrollment period, you can choose to change your elimination period option to a short waiting period for an additional cost.

To receive a quote on your available options, please full out the form on the enrollment change forms tab and send it to the Employee Benefits office by mail or through email at   Once the request has been made, you will be sent a quote and enrollment form within 2-3 business days. The deadline to return the form will be included in your quote. All changes will require that you submit an evidence of insurability form that will be provided.

Long Term Disability

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